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Outsourcing Conveyancing

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Outsourcing Conveyancing

As firms face ever increasing pressures of rising overheads and reduced profitability, the ongoing investment required to properly service your clients residential conveyancing needs make less sense now than ever before.

With bank interest rates so low for the foreseeable future, firms conducting a modest volume of conveyancing matters are not achieving the historic results they used to such as client account interest and cash flow benefits.  Add to this the high risk nature of conveyancing and the increased likelihood of an inspection for firms struggling to manage the remains of their conveyancing department, it may feel like a ticking bomb…

Can you identify with these challenges:-

  • Staff – increasing costs, absences, disciplinary matters
  • Premises  – expensive to rent/maintain, could be filled with more profitable staff/work
  • PI cover – increased premiums and disproportionate to other disciplines
  • Lender panel membership – lack of volume of transactions and introduction of fees
  • Client retention – losing clients to local multi discipline law firms
  • Making a profit – tight margins, tight times

Can you identify with these benefits:-

  • Reduced staff salaries
  • Reduced premises costs/requirements
  • Reduced PI costs
  • No lender panel membership costs/administrative burden
  • Client retention
  • Profit retention

What’s our solution?

  • We can be your outsourced conveyancing department
  • We are serious about residential property; so serious, it’s all we do
  • We are therefore no threat to your client relationship or client retention; we don’t  even deal with commercial properties
  • We provide a fast, personal service which will compliment your own service levels
  • We operate fixed fees and a no move, no fee policy
  • We’ll pay you referral fees for each completed matter you outsource to us

For a confidential discussion to explore this further without any obligation, please email us at info@fletcherlongstaff.com with your preferred contact details/times, and we will contact you.